Monday, 3 March 2008

First Post and Welcome

Despite the title of this blog and the fact that there is an Oldham Club Crest in my profile pic, this blog isn't about Oldham Athletic FC.

Nor is this blog about any other particular club.

Let me explain the reason for the title. I am very good friends with a loyal, die-hard Oldham Athletic supporter, who lives in the town and follows the club up and down and all over the country. We have known each other for a good few years and over the time I have developed a bit of a soft spot for The Latics of Boundary Park.

Anybody that tells you different that the 'Latics' of Wigan are the real ones - take no notice - Wigan is a rugby town.

Have to mention Oldham's fine win at Port Vale on Saturday, 3-0 and I know 'me man' was there.

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