Sunday, 16 March 2008

Are Goalkeepers Really THICK?

It is said that to be a goalkeeper you have to be mad to want to play in such a position - but as well as being mad are goalkeepers really really thick as well?

Why do I ask?

Goalkeepers and penalties. Ok we know that goalkeepers are not expected to save a penalty. If a goalkeeper does save one, automatically he is a hero and if he doesn't then nothing more is said and the conceding of a goal from the penalty spot is quickly forgotten about.

I am in no doubt that every goalkeeper in the World researches his opponent in the event of a penalty being awarded, but is pre-match research enough? What about the studying of the penalty taker's starting position prior to the penalty being taken.

This is what I mean.

If the penalty taker starts on the GKs right, chances are he will try to score to the GKs left and if the penalty taker starts on the GKs left, chances are he will try to score to the GKs right. So why is it when a penalty taker starts in either of these positions, the goalkeeper always seems to dive in the opposite direction?!?!?!

If however a penalty takers starting position is central and in line with the ball, then it is a battle of the placing percentages - 33% to the left, 33% to the right and 33% straight down the middle.

Next time you see a penalty being taken remember the above and see if I am right.

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