Friday, 21 March 2008

SSSSHHH!!! Kevin Phillips SSSSHH!!

At The Valley this afternoon WBA's Kevin Phillips equalised a Greg Halford goal for Charlton and as part of his goal-scoring celebrations, Phillips turned towards the Home end and did the famous SSSSHHHHHH!! (If you don't know what that is, just place your first finger towards your lips and blow out - you should get a SSSHHH!!)
After being congratulated by his team mates, Phillips then turned back towards the home end pointed to someone did the SSSSHHHH again and mouthed 'Wanker' to the unfortunate Addick soul or souls.
Obviously retribution for taking some sort of stick - but Mr Phillips, your 'abuse' was fully captured on TV cameras and you could be the next victim of trial by TV.
If you are looking for LIVE scores during the course of Saturday, look no further then here - starting with the early kick off at White Hart Lane when Tottenham take on Portsmouth at 12.45pm.

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