Monday, 16 June 2008

Your Complete Guide to Euro 2008: STUNNING TURKEY

I posted yesterday about 'holding onto your hats' and boy was I right, Turkey were 2-0 down with fifteen minutes to go and looked seemingly out of Euro 2008 and ready to 'get on the bus' to go home.
Three goals, two of which came in the last two minutes, saw the Turks progress and the Czech Republic 'get on the bus.'
Poor Petr Cech, even the greatest of sportsmen have a bad day at the office, and didn't Cech have a 'mare.'
In the other Group A game (played at the same time) Switzerland beat Portugal 2-0, Hakin Yakin scoring both goals.
The other day I stumbled across a blog which celebrates the beauty and I mean beauty of Euro 2008. Take a look for yourselves.

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