Monday, 16 June 2008

Yep!! You Will Be Sick and You Won't Need a Drink

Chances are you have already pencilled the dates in your diary of when your team plays once season 2008/09 kicks off.
No doubt right at this minute you are contemplating all your team's games home and away, who you would like to meet in the FA Cup and Carling Cup competitions and wondering whether or not your team is good enough to reach Wembley in May 2009 in whichever competition.
Two words of advice this evening. FORGET IT!! Forget the planning, forget the dreams, just get prepared for THE most enormous upheaval.
TV money is causing a revolution and a battle for coverage of English football and the only beneficiary of this revolution is MR ARMCHAIR SUPPORTER.
Granted football is becoming an expensive sport to follow these days, especially if you support a team in the Premiership and at the highest level, but what about the true fan that is 'forced' to travel half the length of the country in midweek because TV money says so.
OK you can say well he or she doesn't have to go - fair enough, but if he or she wants to go because he or she is a TRUE fan of their club!!! What do you say to that?
Nothing - perhaps you are Mr Armchair supporter, comfy in your chair knowing that whatever the result of the game you have just watched, your next step could be your comfy warm bed and get up for work nice bright and in chipper fashion the next morning with a point of view on the game you watched the previous evening without setting foot out of your front door.
Forget EVERY date that has been set for ALL Premiership fixtures that have been set for next season.
Once the TV companies get their teeth into the list of all fixtures, YOU WILL BE SICK AND PROBABLY SICK OF FOOTBALL!!!!
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