Monday, 23 June 2008

Your Complete Guide to Euro 2008: Yawn, Yawn, Yawn

After the first five minutes of Italy v Spain I just KNEW the game would be decided on penalties. I just knew it!! 2 hours of tedium, 2 hours of boredom, 2 hours of nothing.

It wasn't Spain's fault they just couldn't break down the masters of negative football - 'Let's play for penalties chaps, Spain haven't won a penalty shootout on the 22nd June before."

Oh how the Azzuri have eggs on their faces this morning.

2 hours of boredom, 2 hours of yawning, 2 hours of nothing.

I would have had more fun watching paint dry!!

So the semi-finals are confirmed:

Wednesday 25th June
Germany v Turkey

Thursday 26th June
Spain v Russia

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