Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Rules to be Broken

One of the golden rules of writing a blog - whatever you write - is to post an entry everyday, at least.

Me, I have been naughty. This is my first entry since Christmas Eve.

Well I think I can be excused. There has been too much happening over the last six days - Food, drink, merriment, sale shopping and getting ready to go on holiday at the weekend.

Yep I am off to sunnier climes on Saturday, though only for a week. I will be back in time for the Man Utd v Chelsea game on Sunday 11th January.

Great holiday planning don't you think?

What has been happening recently?

The REAL Latics won at Crewe 3-0 and drew at home to Carlisle over Christmas, Chelsea won and drew and 'ickle' Stevie Gerrard GOT NICKED and CHARGED for affray and assault.

Oh Happy Days!!

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