Saturday, 20 September 2008

This Game Wasn't A Derby.... Was it?

Well it was hardly a 'derby' was it?
If you were in Scotland today, right up North near Inverness on the Firth of Moray, did you take a trip to Elgin City FC and their game against Albion Rovers in the Third Division of the Scottish League?

Cos if you did you would have had your money's worth and a rite rollicking afternoon's entertainment - well according to the purists, football should be about entertainment - if you didn't, then you missed a treat, just like me, as for entertainment, isn't football a results business?

This game had everything: Goals, bookings and sending offs!!!

Here's a timetable of events from the first whistle to the last - Remember Elgin City are the home team:

Elgin 0-1 Albion (Watt 7 mins)

Booking Rovers' Benton 12 mins

Booking City's Gilbert on 21 mins

Booking City's Nicolson on 23 mins

Elgin 0-2 Albion (Barr 30 mins)

Sending Off City's Niven on 35 mins

Booking City's Campbell on 40 mins

Elgin 0-3 Albion (Barr 50 mins)

Elgin 0-4 Albion (Watt 56 mins)

Sending off City's Campbell on 58 mins

Sending off City's Gilbert on 65 mins

Booking City's Shallicker 67 mins

Booking Rovers' Harris 70 mins

Elgin 0-5 Rovers (Barr 83 mins)

Elgin 1-5 Rovers (Shallicker 88 mins)

Elgin 1-6 Rovers (Watt 90 mins)

Amongst that lot did you notice that Albion's Barr scored a hat-trick?

As I say, this game was hardly a 'derby.'

I Wonder why this game 'kicked-off,' let me get my Inspector Clouseau hat on and I will try to find out why.

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