Sunday, 7 September 2008

Shining Stars

I really don't know how the 7,000 plus England fans do it. Travel away to see England play no-hopers Andorra in a World Cup qualifier in Barcelona - perhaps the attraction of a weekend in Barcelona did it.

Its bad enough supporting your club every weekend without expending more energy and emotion on a two-bit, two-bob international team who really haven't done anything since Sir Bobby Robson was in charge.

It took England 46 plus mins to break down a stubborn Andorrian side last night and to me a result, anything less than 5-0 is considered a failure, but England have been a failure for many a year.

Two goals in the space of ten minutes from half-time substitute Joe Cole, who still got told off by England manager Fabio Capello, was one shining star of two.

The second shining star was Theo Walcott of Arsenal. Walcott started his first England game and terrorised the Andorrian defence especially in the first-half.

As for the rest.... pah. The biggest culprits were Stewart Downing of Middlesbrough (what on earth is he doing in an England shirt) and Wayne (The Prodigal Son) Rooney!!!

At least Frank Lampard wasn't booed!!

England have to do alot better if they are to overcome Croatia in Zagreb on Wednesday night.

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