Thursday, 25 June 2009

When The Red Red Robin........

I bumped into an old friend yesterday who has supported Charlton Athletic all of his life and lives about 20 minutes away from the Valley.

After the normal greetings and the gracious how are you's, we got onto the subject of football and the first question he asked me was.

Are you still going to The Bridge? Of course I answered yes and I asked him, 'Are you still going to the Valley?'

Of course he said yes like I knew he would.

Despite Charlton's relegation to League One he was unfazed, he confirmed it was a terrible season and despite Charlton's performances he still managed to get to THIRTY-NINE games.

Put my twenty-five games or so right in the shade!!

One game he did miss last season was Plymouth Argyle away.

Instead he flew off to New York to watch Joe Calzaghe fight at Madison Square Gardens.

Plymouth, New York, Plymouth........?

'When the Red, Red Robin goes bob bob bobbing along....'

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