Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Bye Bye Setanta

I have no sympathy for the demise of Setanta Sports only sympathy for the couple of hundred Mr and Mrs 'Normal' who will lose their jobs.

I have no sympathy for those presenters and commentators who jumped ship from their previous employers to board the gravy train that was Setanta Sports.

To be honest I don't believe that LIVE football should be controlled and maintained by satellite TV companies but it is the way of the world and we live in that world.

Once upon a time, football was for the masses, now it is for the elite.

Not only are the 'real football' fans being priced out of going to matches, they have to pay a monthly subscription fee not to one satellite company but two, of course if they want to watch live games from the comfort of their armchair.

Setanta's demise has opened the door for ESPN (the sporting arm of Disney) to buy out the Premier rights for next season and beyond.

Whether I transfer my subscription to ESPN remains to be seen - I will just have to wait and see how many times Chelsea will be featured between the start of the season and Christmas.... wink, wink!

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