Friday, 14 August 2009

The FA Cup Team to Follow Has Been Chosen.

Since the beginning of August there has been a 'fun' game to select a 'team to follow' in this year's FA Cup which begins tonight with the Extra Premliminary Round.

Due to an overwhelming number of votes (precisely NIL) it was down to the editor (ie me) to decide the match number and therefore the team to follow, all the way to Wembley to the FA Cup Final next May, 2010.

For your information and to prove there were no underhand tactics or 'backhanders' involved, the number chosen was 69 (my favourite number) which related to the match between Bardon Hill Sports and Arnold Town.

As Bardon Hill Sports is the Home team, they are the FA Cup team to follow until they get knocked out of the competition then their victors become the team to follow and so on and so, until the two finalists are known at Wembley.

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Kathy - Bike said...

I hope that everyone has a great year in 2011!