Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Even Highly Paid Professional Footballers 'DO' Normal

'Twas the weekend of Rio Ferdinand's 30th birthday. Rio was in London as Man Utd were playing Arsenal. His family organised a birthday party for him after the game.

Man Utd lost, so what did Rio do?

On his way over to East London, Rio spotted a pub and asked his driver to stop. His driver said "I can't let you go in there."

Even though Rio was wearing his Man Utd tracksuit, Rio replied "Nah, just drop me off."

The driver did as he was told and Rio then said, "When I walked into the pub I could see people saying to themselves, what is he doing here?"

Rio then explained that he had a couple of pints, three packets of crisps and sat in the corner watching the results on TV. He added, "Players do do normal things."

I wonder what time he turned up at his own party!

The bit that tickled me most about this story was Rio had three packets of crisps - hope they were weightwatchers!

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