Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Strike One - To the SPL Referees

The opening day day of the Scottish Premier League appears to be in the balance after Scottish Premier League referees announced that they would go on strike, unless they receive £1000 per game.

Last season they were on £575 per game (nice - two games a week equals £1150 a week, get three games a week you are talking, hey lets retire LOL LOL).

The SFA only offered an increase of £25 per game (cheapstakes - you know what they say about 'Jocks?' Short arms deep pockets and I AM NOT talking about American College Jocks!!!).

But it seems the SFA have relented and now have offered £800 per game per Scottish Premier referee with further talks to be held on September 16th.

So it looks like the SPL will kick-off this Saturday, after all.

One question though - What about the Assistant's and the Fourth official and their money?

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