Thursday, 24 July 2008

ICF Are Calling.....

I got asked this question this morning. Why is David Beckham playing for the MLS All-Stars against West Ham tonight?
Well.... my answer started, "Because he plays for LA Galaxy in the MLS."

What else could I to say?

Yep Beckham is due to play against West Ham. The club that he turned his nose up to when growing up not a mere couple of miles away in Leytonstone and instead joined Man Utd at 14 some 200 miles away. Football is indeed a 'funny old game.'

This entry isn't about Beckham, its about West Ham and the ICF. The 'infamous' ICF (Inter-City Firm) who caused somewhat of a chaos at the weekend in Ohio when West Ham beat Columbus Crew 3-1.

Will the 'real' ICF turn up tonight? Doubt it - the real protaganists of the ICF are probably at home in their armchairs willing on the 'new' generation to do the biz tonight.

Trust me I have faced and seen the original ICF in action - back in the good old days!!

West Ham boys today have nothing on the originals!!

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